Big white coffee table in Family Room - House on Winchester

New Coffee Table in the Family Room

After the holidays this year, I wanted a fresh new look in the family room.  Well, the entire house needed a freshy-fresh because I was a little bored with it all. 🙃  You know how I am.  So I scoured some of my favorite blogs for a little inspiration.  Because quite frankly, I was in a fog after Christmas and had nothing creative going on upstairs in the old noggin.  🤦🏻‍♀️

New Coffee Table in the Family Room

Our family room is a whopping 28′ x 15′.  The fireplace is on one of the longer walls so that puts a twist on furniture placement.  I like to keep the fireplace as a focal point.  Speaking of the fireplace, it got a fresh coat of white paint and some shiplap.    Check out the before pictures of this room and the original family room reveal to see the changes we have made over the last two years. Continue reading

Five on Friday and This Week in Review #39

Welp… it’s Sunday and I’m finally getting around to posting my Five on Friday post.  What the hell is wrong with me?  😫  I’m going to blame Indiana and the gloomy weather.  Oh, I will, also, blame the pothole that me and 14,248 fell into on a major highway this week.  It was raining and no one could avoid them.  I counted eight people with their tires off of their rims in a ten-mile stretch, and one of those potholes completely bent my rim.  This old lady was an unhappy camper.  Thank God I wasn’t stranded though.

Five on Friday

I started my Five on Friday series way back when.  Since I’m a lover of all types of blogs, I’m a fan of getting to know the writer’s personality.  Therefore, each week, Deb and I take turns sharing five things about ourselves that you would never know through reading the blog.  I close with the week in review.  Oh…and I dedicated a special tab at the top of the blog if you want to check them all out.  I’m up today! Continue reading

Fireplace with shiplap - House on Winchester

Shiplap Above the Fireplace

I can’t believe I am just now sharing one of our latest projects of installing shiplap above the fireplace.  If you follow me over on Facebook or Instagram, you have already seen that our fireplace got a big makeover after the holidays.  But, I realize that not all of you do any type of social media.  So I promised myself recently to keep all of my bloggy buddies in the loop, too.

We noticed that our fireplace mantel had pulled away from the wall a few months before Christmas. We were concerned it would be a major problem.  Was the entire brick structure collapsing?  Were there issues with the firebox?  Is the entire wall going to cave in?  Nervous Nellie over here just knew it was going to cost $1.5 million.  With the upcoming Historical Society Christmas Walk,  it was NOT a good time to tear into a big project.  So we waited.  When I took the Christmas decor off of the fireplace mantel, let’s just say I just about shat my pants.  I noticed the plaster wall was cracked about a foot above the mantel.  😕  And, the mantel was about two inches away from the wall by this time. Continue reading

New Look in the Dining Room - House on Winchester

New Look in the Dining Room

Well we did it.  Yesterday we tackled moving the big ass pieces of furniture around in our dining room.  Some of the cabinets are HUGE.  Not to mention, they are filled with some of the 1.5 million dishes that I collect. 🙃  But, if you are new here, you need to read the post on the dining room when we bought the house.  And, then, go ahead and catch the original dining room reveal.  Cut to present day. Continue reading

Five on Friday and This Week in Review #38

Do you like fact that I haven’t posted a Five on Friday for two weeks.  And, that I’m posting a Five on Friday on a Sunday?  So I guess it should really be called Five on Sunday.  ☹️ I seriously haven’t had working brain cells for a couple of weeks.  Ivy’s surgery through me for a total mental loop and gave me brain fog.  (I talk about it briefly in this post.)   I even forgot my dad’s birthday.   Sorry, Dad.  That’s bad, I know.  I wasn’t into anything but sitting on my couch and staring into space.  😢 Continue reading