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Best Power Tools Every Girl Needs

Deb is “sort of” taking over the blog today!!!!   🤗 Today’s post is featuring “Deb’s” picks of the best power tools (and a few non-power tools) that every girl needs.  I asked her to make a list of tried and true tools, besides a hammer and screwdriver, that will work for home improvement projects and crafts alike.   She, herself, gravitates toward DeWalt brand, only because they are heavy duty and are used for her heavy duty projects.  I asked her to keep everything at a good price point and to pick tools that would be good for medium use.


1.//    7″ Square 

A 7″ square is perfect for marking 90 degree cuts and squaring up home made picture frames.  This is used for so many projects.

2.//    Komelon Steel Blade Measuring Tape

I don’t even need to explain what a measuring tape is for….  😂  And if I do, you probably shouldn’t be using a power tool.

3.//     9″ Stanley Torpedo Level

Again…I don’t need to explain what a level is used for.  If I do, don’t attempt home improvements.  😂

4.//     Air Compressor – 1 Gallon

This is a portable sized air compressor that is perfect for the nail guns below…..  for hanging ship lap, making signs, and even blowing up your car tire.  We love this one for smaller jobs.

5.//   WEN 3/4″-2″ 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

6.//   DeWalt Pneumatic 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Both of these nail guns basically do the same thing, but are at different price points.  For smaller craft projects, you could go with the less expensive one.  If you are someone who tackles bigger jobs like shiplap or trim work in your home, go with the other.  Both of them use smaller head nails.  Therefore, the hole it makes in your projects will be less visible.  And they both shoot different length nails.

7.//   Surebonder Pneumatic Heavy Duty Stapler

Made to use with the air compressor, this stapler is excellent for so many projects including upholstery.  I’ve used this many times myself when recovering footstools, etc.  This is basically used for anything that requires lots of power behind your typical hand held staple gun.

8.//   DeWalt Orbit Sander

9.//   Sand paper for the Sander Above

Deb chose this sander because it is lightweight and it has a dust collection bag.  I use this sander all the time so I can attest to the fact, it’s my favorite too.  I included a package of different grit sandpaper used for different projects.  The higher the number in sandpaper, the less grit.

10.//   DeWalt Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Como Kit

11.//   DeWalt 14-piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

12.//   DeWalt 45-piece Screw driving Set

I sure as hell don’t need to tell you why you need a drill, drill bits, and a screw driving set.   And if I do….  step away from the power tools.   I am, however, going to tell you why she chose this model.  As I said above, she loves DeWalt.  She has both of these drills and uses them both for different reasons.  The impact driver is for heavy duty jobs, but is smaller.  So it is easier to use in tight spaces.

13.//    Hitachi 10″ Miter Saw

Everyone needs a miter saw. 😁 This model got great reviews and is at a great price point for regular use.

14.//    Black & Decker Jig Saw

Unlike the miter saw above, a jig saw is used to cut curved lines, which is great for craft projects, etc.  This is at a great price point.









6 thoughts on “Best Power Tools Every Girl Needs

  1. Barb

    Great post! Twice this month I’ve left a big box store in a daze because I don’t know which tool to buy. I noticed Deb pulled the blade of her miter saw toward her and then pushed back to make the cut and was able to cut a wider piece. Is that an additional option on miter saws, or does the one in the post do that? Great information —thanks!

    1. Danelle Harvey Post author

      Thank you! Deb has the heavy duty 12″ saw blade miter saw with a stand because of how much she uses it and the type of work she does. The one on the blog is a little smaller (10″ blade) but is still a good size for basic household projects. We used one like I listed above for years before switching to this big dog. 😁

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