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Double vanity bathroom repurposed buffet sinks - House on Winchester

Double Vanity Bathroom Sinks Review

I recently collaborated on a blog post for Sinkology, so this post was originally written for them.  They asked me to review and give my honest opinion on our bathroom sinks.  


Let’s put aside the fact that we had an entire house to empty due to a very sad situation.  😢 A 1945 Colonial style that is roughly 2500 square feet to be exact.  Plans to put the house all back together had already begun…in my mind, at least.   Continue reading

Half Bathroom reveal - House on Winchester

Half Bathroom Reveal

Can you believe it?  I didn’t leave you hanging for 89 years with a room reveal.  I’ve said it before that room reveals take a long time to write because there are lots of pictures to edit.  BUT, let’s be honest.  How many pictures can be taken for a half bathroom reveal?

Six…to be exact! Continue reading

Ivy's Rescue Story- House on Winchester

Ivy’s Rescue Story

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you see Ivy’s 🐶 picture a lot.  I mean… who doesn’t have 14,000 pictures of their dog on their phone doing nothing but sleeping?  🤷🏼‍♀️

I shared about Ivy’s Rescue on my Instagram stories and had several of you want to replay them.  But, as you know, the stories disappear after 24 hours.  So what better than to blog about but my little Ivy girl! Continue reading

Kitchen Reveal

OK guys…..  It’s finally time for the kitchen reveal.  Room reveal posts take a long time because of the massive amount of pictures and picture editing, etc, and we’ve been rather busy around here.  You know…the pergola…. another project that is taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  We have lots of things to finish before the dumb “W” word sets in.  You all know how much I despise Winter’s darkness.  😫 Continue reading

Five on Friday and This Week in Review #22

First off, I just want to say that my heart goes out to all who have been affected by the recent hurricanes.  I pray for you all.


Five on Friday

I love so many different types of blogs, from homesteading and recipes, fashion and make-up, and of course, home decor.   I also enjoy reading fun facts about the blogger behind the blogs.  It paints a picture of a real person behind their words.  Therefore, every Friday, Deb and I take turns posting a “Five on Friday and This Week in Review” series. We share five facts about ourselves, and then I will finish with our week in review. Continue reading