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My Happiness Mission: Update #3

As you know from My Happiness Mission, I’ve been looking for a change to make me a happier version of me.  I’ve updated a few times since the original post, so if you want to catch up with follow-up posts, read update #1 and then update #2.

The whole reason for this mission is because I found myself all..janked…up.  I felt sad, mad, and anxious most of the time.  So I started paying attention to what was making me feel a certain negative feeling and started a list of things to change. Continue reading

My Happiness Mission: Update #1

So in case you missed it, I’m on a Happiness Mission.

My Happiness Mission

If you aren’t a regular, and want to catch up, read the first post.  I’ve been observing people for quite some time.   And, I have come to the conclusion that no one is really 100% happy, whether it be their job, a relationship, or their physical health.  Whatever it is, it seems as though everyone has this “heaviness” hanging over their heads.  I’ve been on my own personal happiness quest to get rid of the “heaviness” – My Happiness Mission.    I started by making a list of things that need improvement in my life.  My top goal was my physical being. Continue reading