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Project Pergola – Making Lots of Progress

OK… I’m not as mad at the pergola, or at life in general, as I was the on the last couple of posts. I had temporarily lost my will to live. 😂

A few days ago, I swear it felt like it was 150 degrees outside, even with our new big shade trees that we bought.  I, also, swear, Deb mumbled the words, “I really feel like I could drag all of this lumber to the middle of our yard and start a fire.  And then I would roast and eat an arsenic hotdog in celebration.”  😂  I just about fell off my chair laughing. Continue reading

Project Pergola – The Beginning Stage

Seriously, you guys.  I’m dying!  😜

If there was an emoji of a 150 year old rickety woman in a bed all wrapped up in bandages and in traction, I would certainly use that one.  We started our pergola yesterday.  You are probably just as excited as we are for the pure fact I’ve been talking about it since 1984.

Disclaimer:  This is, by no means, a tutorial on building a pergola, but I just wanted you to be able to experience Project Pergola right along with me.  😜  I think you will appreciate it. Continue reading

Repurposed Concrete into Garden Paths – Project Backyard


You guys, I’m dying.  We are STILL working on Project Backyard.  Just to refresh your memory, we rented a bobcat with a jack hammer attachment last week to bust up what was previously a basketball court in our backyard.  Half of the basketball court was all whopper jawed and the other half was in pretty good shape.  Thank goodness, the good section is up by the house which is the future site for our pergola. Continue reading

This Weekend’s Shenanigans

I thought I would jump on here and let you all know what we’ve been up to over the last several days, besides being exhausted and having broken backs.   I told you about our new trees we are having delivered and planted next week sometime.  Yay!

This Weekend’s Shenanigans

I’ve talked many times about that big, janky concrete patio that is the future site of our pergola.  This space is probably the only thing we haven’t touched on this entire property.  The sun is blazing hot back there and the concrete is all uneven.  We had plans of laying some type of pavers over this slab to even it all out after we build the pergola. Continue reading