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Stairway landing - Best idea for dog crate - House on Winchester

Best Idea for a Dog Crate

I’m not going to lie.  Between our painting-of-the-garage project, getting ready for our small town’s Christmas walk that we were a part of, and getting ready for the holidays, I’m exhausted.  😴 And, with Christmas coming soon, I can hardly rest.  We have a few clients that need projects completed before Christmas so we have been spreading ourselves pretty thin.

Incorporating a Dog Crate into Home Decor

I shared something over in my Instagram stories a few weeks back and had a lot of questions.  I, also, had people tell me what a terrific idea it was, so I thought I would share it with my bloggy friends, too! Continue reading

Repurposed Antique Smoking Stand

I just wanted to pop on here and share a little repurposing idea we came up with. I think it’s going to work perfectly for what we need….actually what Deb needs.

Garage Sale Haul

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you would have already seen my garage sale haul. I got a wild hair at the last minute on Saturday and decided to just drive around aimlessly looking for garage sales this weekend. I found a few. 😁

Continue reading

Repurposed Piano Bench Turned Essential Oil Cabinet

A few months ago, I swear I had the bird flu.

Maybe it was the swine flu.


Whatever it was, I coughed harder than I have ever coughed in my entire 150 years living on this Earth.  I woke up one morning completely unable to talk.  I used sign language to tell Deb that my lung was laying on the bedroom floor and that I believed I had paralyzed my vocal cord.  I would have sworn I did. Continue reading

What Our Backyard Looks Like Since our Back Breaking Work

This is going to be a quick post with few words and lots of pictures, because I wrote a rather lengthy post yesterday on our gardening method, which I believe is the best evahhh.  And, I’ve already explained our previous backyard issues last week but I left you hanging without the AFTER pictures.  I wanted to show you what our back yard looks like after we got our hands on it. Continue reading