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The Best Power tools every girl needs - House on Winchester

Best Power Tools Every Girl Needs

Deb is “sort of” taking over the blog today!!!!   🤗 Today’s post is featuring “Deb’s” picks of the best power tools (and a few non-power tools) that every girl needs.  I asked her to make a list of tried and true tools, besides a hammer and screwdriver, that will work for home improvement projects and crafts alike.   She, herself, gravitates toward DeWalt brand, only because they are heavy duty and are used for her heavy duty projects.  I asked her to keep everything at a good price point and to pick tools that would be good for medium use.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Women

I’ve done a lot of online shopping for this holiday. Actually that’s the only type I do anymore. I really cannot stand to wait in line and deal with parking issues.  😐

It’s waaaaaaay too peoply out there.

Both sets of parents are getting to be old geezards. (We call them that to their faces, so it’s all good. 🤷🏼‍♀️) But, they still like to buy gifts. So basically, we shop online for ourselves and give it to them to wrap, so we can act surprised. 😂 I have an entire wide list and thought I would share with you some of my picks.  Some of these I actually purchased and some are still on my wish list.  I, of course, included everything from jewelry, to beauty, to home decor.  Because, these are all of the things I love. Continue reading