Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkins

OK… I’m not going to pretend I didn’t copy this most awesome idea from my Instagram friend, Natalie, at My Vintage Porch, because I did.  I just couldn’t help myself.  She has the most beautiful house with the thriftiest ideas ever.  If you don’t follow her, you must.  (There I go, bossing you around, again.)

And, if you want to be a DIY copy cat, too, run to the nearest Dollar Tree and grab yourself some of these horrid neon colored styrofoam pumpkins to transform.


Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkins

Dollar Tree pumpkin DIY - House on Winchester

I plucked my stems off first, but it may have been easier to leave them on for a “handle” when painting.   It’s easy to get them off.  They are held on with hot glue and a toothpick.  😂

DIY Dollar Tree pumpkin idea - House on Winchester


I used white primer, since I had it on hand, and painted each Dollar Tree pumpkin with one coat.

Use primer on dollar tree pumpkins - House on Winchester


One coat of primer in craft room for DIY Dollar Tree pumpkins - House on Winchester


I then used a gray colored paint, that I already had on hand, and shaded the groove of each pumpkin to give them depth and dimension.

Prime and paint DIY Dollar Tree pumpkins - House on Winchester


I coated the pumpkins with a second coat of primer to cover all of the original orange color, and ended up dry brushing a little more gray paint again in the creases of each pumpkin.

Add cute wooden tree branch stems to give a realistic look to Dollar Tree pumpkins - House on Winchester


Adding the Stems

I took a walk around our yard to finish off this DIY pumpkin project.  I found a few small tree branches and had the wifey cut them flat on one side…. because she does what I say.  😂

Actually, I think she’s afraid I will chop off a digit.


I used a hot glue gun to glue the branches to the top of each pumpkin to mimic a real stem.

Arent’t they just the cutest?

White ironstone and pumpkins in Dining Room - House on Winchester

Can you even spot the white pumpkins between the hoard of white ironstone?





I think they are so cute to slip anywhere into your decor to give that Fall feel.

dIY Dollar Tree Pumpkins in half bath decor - House on Winchester


DIY Dollar Tree pumpkins on kitchen scales - House on Winchester

Make a big statement by lining several of them down the middle of your coffee table or your farmhouse table.

Thanks, Natalie, for the terrific Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkin idea.  You can’t beat cute pumpkins to decorate your house for Fall that cost only $1.00.


Let me know if you try this easy little DIY project.  Or better yet, look Natalie and I both up on Facebook or Instagram and post your own pictures.


Thanks for stopping by.  I pledge my love to you all


Buh bye now, said in an old lady’s voice who now needs a manicure from painting my DIY pumpkins.




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  1. Kim

    Great Tips – I never thought to paint the groves a darker color (insert head smack here) I LOVE IT – I’m making a trip to the dollar store hope these are not all gone already. I WANT THAT Bathroom – that is just beautiful


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