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Five on Friday and This Week in Review #37

Guess what time it is, boys and girls.  It’s time for another Five on Friday and This Week in Review post.  Do these weeks fly by?  I can’t figure out how the weeks fly by, but the evenings go so slow…especially when you are following the Whole 30.  There is no wine, no cheese, no sugar.  Basically all of the delicious things one could catch a buzz on are gone.  😉

Deb and I take turns every Friday sharing five facts about ourselves.  I started this five on friday gig way back when and have just kept it going.  There is a special tab dedicated to this series at the top of the blog if you want to play catch up.  We will follow with this week in review.  I’m up this week.

Five on Friday

  1.  I think you will all find this bizarre, especially if you follow me on Instagram.  Over there, I’m a pretend back-up singer and I play all kinds of pretend instruments in my stories.  But, I do not play one instrument……….. for realz.  That wasn’t something that I was allowed to do as a youngster.  And, that’s also one of those things that I know I would have been excellent at.  But, basically at 152 years old, it’s nothing I want to pursue.
  2.  I’ve never ice skated.  I know…. weird.  The fear of falling through the ice was way more terrifying as a youngster than the desire to ice skate.
  3.  I’ve never been a procrastinator.  I’m becoming one the older I get.  🤦🏻‍♀️
  4.  I love jewelry.  I have a big collection but wear the same shit over and over.  😕
  5.  I am very naive.  I believe what people say to be true.   So basically I can be the butt of everyone’s jokes and not even know it.

This Week in Review

This past week, I checked in with you all on our Whole 30 experience which was the end of week three.  If you are new, check out why we chose the Whole 30 program, and read the first and second check-ins.  This upcoming week, I will be posting on Tuesday because that will be the last day.  We will weigh in and see if we lost any weight, and let you know how this past week has gone.  I, also, shared a Whole 30 complaint potato salad.  😋

The Whole 30 - The Completion of Week Three

I shared with you how to make a simple artificial flower arrangement.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I use and thought I would be a nice little girl and share with you.  So many people struggle and think it’s really difficult.  But I proved you all wrong.

How to make a simple artificial flower arrangement - House on Winchester


Up and Coming

I’m so excited.  I have several things to share for Valentine’s Day, which happens to be right around the corner.  I’m throwing together a post on a LOVE sign that Deb made for me.  I also have a few other surprises that I’m working really hard to finish.

Remember…. if you don’t have a special someone in your life, you can still celebrate the holiday. ❤️ Celebrate self love, love of your friends, or your pet.  If Deb croaked, I would definitely take Ivy out on a date.  💃🏼 ❤️ 🐶 But just a warning…. Deb better never croak.  Just sayin’.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.  I pledge my love to each and every one of you!  Chat with me over on Instagram and Facebook where we have loads of fun!


Buh bye now, said in an old lady’s voice who is absolutely loving the sun pouring in the windows.


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