Five on Friday and This Week in Review #38

Do you like fact that I haven’t posted a Five on Friday for two weeks.  And, that I’m posting a Five on Friday on a Sunday?  So I guess it should really be called Five on Sunday.  ☹️ I seriously haven’t had working brain cells for a couple of weeks.  Ivy’s surgery through me for a total mental loop and gave me brain fog.  (I talk about it briefly in this post.)   I even forgot my dad’s birthday.   Sorry, Dad.  That’s bad, I know.  I wasn’t into anything but sitting on my couch and staring into space.  😢

I read different types of blogs, from homesteading, home decor, and more and love when bloggers share about their personality.  It paints a picture of the person behind the words.  I started this series soon after I started the blog.  Each Friday, (or whenever I feel like it apparently) Deb and I take turn sharing five random facts about us.  As you can tell, we are on #38.  So if you are new here, all of them are listed in this tab at the top of the blog.  Deb is up today!

Five on Friday

  1.  “I’m so ready for Winter to be done.  I’ve worked out in the workshop several times and I’m getting the itch for Spring.”
  2.   “One of those projects was a bird feeder.  I love watching birds.”   (old ladies right here 💁🏼🙋🏻)
  3.   “I need to get out of dodge ASAP…. like in the form of a vacation. 🌴”
  4.   “A pergola concert will be one of the first things we do once it’s warm. 🎶 🍻We actually had one a few weeks ago.  It was cold but sunny, which made it perfect.
  5.    “I have big plans for a screened porch to be added on the back of our house.  I need to win the lottery that I don’t play first.”  😐

This Week in Review

I guess you could say it is this past week and the week before in review.  😏

We followed the Whole 30 plan throughout the month of January.  I checked in every Monday to keep you posted on how we did:  Week One, Week Two, Week Three, and I finally shared the completion of the plan.

House on Winchester

Deb did a little Valentine’s Day project out in Deb’s workshop.  If you follow along on Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen that in our stories.  Oh and by the way, if you aren’t on Instagram, I highly recommend setting up an account.  I cannot stress enough how much fun we have.  You get a glimpse into our daily lives through our stories.  It sometimes turns into a real shit show, as you can imagine.  😂

I was asked a million questions regarding Deb’s bad ass skills with tools.  And how she knows which ones she needs for certain projects.  So, I rounded up a list of “must haves” if you are doing craft projects or working around the house.

From those stories that I talked about above, I’ve been asked several times to show how I apply my eye make-up.  I went way out of my comfort zone and actually made a story about it which is still in my highlighted stories.  I, also, threw together a post for those of you who are not on Instagram.  Have I recommended signing up for an account yet?  🤣 Seriously, it’s so fun.

Eye Make-up - House on Winchester

Looking Ahead

I had so many things planned these last two weeks and have failed and have used each one of these excuses several times:   “Ivy’s surgery threw me for a loop.”     “I am just so tired.  I think my thyroid is off.”    “This gloomy Indiana weather is driving me crazy and giving me no energy.”     “I think I have menopause mind.”     “Maybe I’m just turning into a lazy couch potato.”     Whatever it was, it was bad.   My mind was worth shit.   I dropped the ball on so many things that I was supposed to do… personally and professionally.  ☹️

I still want to throw together a before and after picture post about our laundry room.  It’s one of two rooms you guys haven’t seen before.  And who doesn’t like a good before and after post?  I, also, want to tell you how we make those little night lights we have all over our house.  If you are on Instagram, I have a highlighted story of it on my profile page, but thought it would be nice actually all written out, too.  I want to share my favorite veggie burger recipe.  I’ve been asked over on Instagram several times.  Oh, hey…. why don’t you sign up for Instagram.  🤣   No, I’m not getting paid for these plugs.  I just know you bloggy friends like to have fun.


Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today.   I absolutely cannot tell you how much I appreciate it deep down to the bottom of my heart.  I pledge my love to each and every one of you.  💗

Buh bye now, said in an old lady’s voice who I believe is finally getting her shit BACK together.






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    1. Danelle Harvey Post author

      hahahah she is. Two vets told me she had a mast cell cancerous tumor. Even the day of her surgery, the vet thought it was just that. The path came back and it was benign. Thank God. It threw me for a loup though.

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