Five on Friday and This Week in Review #22

First off, I just want to say that my heart goes out to all who have been affected by the recent hurricanes.  I pray for you all.


Five on Friday

I love so many different types of blogs, from homesteading and recipes, fashion and make-up, and of course, home decor.   I also enjoy reading fun facts about the blogger behind the blogs.  It paints a picture of a real person behind their words.  Therefore, every Friday, Deb and I take turns posting a “Five on Friday and This Week in Review” series. We share five facts about ourselves, and then I will finish with our week in review.

Deb worked on her five facts last night and text seven of them to me.  She told me she was on a roll and to keep the other two for next time.  That way she is ahead.  😂

  1. “I hate social media.”
  2. “I wish money trees were real.  I would plant several.”
  3. “I would love the old “party lines” back because cell phones are ridiculous to pay for.”
  4. “I love having our work-out room in our home.  I only wish I loved to exercise.”
  5. “I wish my wife could 💩.”

hahahah   Do you like that last one?  That comment was after I complained a few nights ago that ONE lone pain pill can cause a whole lot of problems…if you know what I mean.  But all is well.  My fresh bag of prunes took care of those issues.  (You know you are 150 years old when you openly talk about pooping.  😕)

If you want to look through the older Five on Friday posts, you will find they have their own little tab at the top of the blog page.  Click it!


This Week in Review

I updated you on our kitchen progress when we were about half way through the project.  That was a major job.  I’ve been sharing lots of AFTER pictures on Facebook and Instagram so check them out.

Kitchen chippy pantry door - House on Winchester


I shared What’s in My Cart during my fake AND for reals shopping sprees.  I listed several goodies, so you will have to check that post out, too.

Do you like how bossy I am?  😄 I’m constantly telling you what to do.


Looking Ahead

I am working on taking more pictures of the kitchen for the reveal post. I have several already, but need to take a few more.  I’m SOOOOOO ready to run and get some mums for the front porch and back yard area and drag out all of my Fall decor so I can start pooping up the inside of the house, too.  But, this leg thing is throwing a major cramp in my “running around 90 mph” style.  I’m, also, working on a few other posts regarding how I decorate and stage rooms.  You KNOW I will keep you posted on all of this “crucial” information.  😂  I’m like a bad coin that keeps showing up.


I have gotten several new followers over the past couple of weeks and I want you to know that I cannot thank you all enough for reading this little old blog of mine.  I just love chit-chatting with you all and keeping you posted on my really exciting life.  😂


Buh bye, now said in an old lady’s voice who is definitely having a glass of wine when the wifey gets home.  And don’t call the wine police 👮 because I threw those pain pills out the window this morning.  💩 (Not literally)



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