Five on Friday and This Week in Review #29

Well, well, well.  Here we are again.  I don’t have a clue how many more Fridays there are before Christmas, but GAH 😫.  I’m so far behind and have so much to do.  As I mentioned over on Facebook and Instagram, we have a few early Christmas commitments so it has forced us to start the decorating early.  Typically, I’m a wait-until-after-Thanskgiving type of a girl.  Oh well.  🤷🏼‍♀️

If you are new here, each Friday, the wifey and I take turns sharing five facts about ourselves.  This all started because I read lots and lots of blogs.  I particularly love it when they share facts about themselves because it puts a real person behind the words.  I dedicated a special tab at the top to the Five on Friday series, if you want to catch up.  Deb isn’t particularly fond of these because she thinks it’s hard. 😂  But, I hear from you, all of the time, how much you love them, so I make her.

It’s my turn today for the Five on Friday and then I will follow with the week in review.

Five on Friday

  1.  I used to be a Merle Norman make-up girl when my daughters were young.  I loved that job.  It was my “thing.”
  2. I, also, had a small house cleaning business for several years right before my make-up gig.  That wasn’t my “thing.”  Don’t get me wrong.  When I clean, I did/do a great job.  I loved that I could make up my own schedule but cleaning is for the birds 🐦 and is way overrated at this stage in my life.
  3. I’ve been having really scary dreams lately.  One in which I was getting attacked by a guy with a powder-white face.  (I shared in my stories on Instagram this week)  Everything my dad taught me to do if I ever got attacked came back to mind.  I kicked  him in the crotch, which didn’t work.  So, I smashed his eyeballs into his brain with my thumbs.  I woke up right after that stunt because it worked.  😂
  4. I used to LOVE roller coasters and amusement park rides.  I can’t do any of that anymore.  I true blue feel like I’m going to have a heart attack during them.  Not to mention I close my eyes the entire time, so basically what’s the point? 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. We have a big back pack leaf blower and I completely LOVE blowing the leaves to the curb.  I jam to some really good music with my head phones and have a great time.   I know… I know…. odd!

This Week in Review

I wrote a blog post for Sinkology regarding our bathroom sinks.  We love them.  When planning the design for our bathroom, I knew I wanted shiny, silver sinks.

Double vanity bathroom repurposed buffet sinks - House on Winchester


I shared a design board that I created for one of my clients.  I do this so that my client can visually see what’s going on in my head.

Design Board for Client - blue, gray, taupe - House on Winchester


And, I was nosing around on Target’s website and decided that I should share with you what I found.  So, I threw together a list of practical gift ideas all under $30.


What’s to Come

I may start another room post… which will most likely be the laundry room because it’s right off of the kitchen.  I’m just going around in a big circle downstairs.  😁 I’m sure you will see several Christmas posts, because you know… ’tis the season.  I’m conjuring up some other things to tell you but they are still in the works.  I will keep you posted though.

Let me know if there’s anything exciting you want to see in the comment section.  I would love to hear from you!


Thanks so much for stopping by.  I pledge my love to you all!

Buh bye, now… said in an old lady’s voice that needs to start perusing through her Christmas decor tubs to see what she wants to use this year.  😜




4 thoughts on “Five on Friday and This Week in Review #29

  1. Sally Williams

    Im the exact same with the fair rides, except I cant even make myself get on them…. why? Weird…you’d think it would be like riding a bike.
    And, now I know I don’t want to clean houses anymore…im sure id feel the exact same as you now. LOL
    Keep the Christmas décor coming!!! Love it all and gives me ideas!

  2. Rebecca Neustel

    I loved those rides, too, but after seven back surgeries and three joint replacements, me and amusement rides aren’t very amusing!! Can you share what the two paint colors are? That first rug is so beautiful, I think. I guess it suits me, anyway.

    1. Danelle Harvey Post author

      Sure… They are both Sherwin Williams colors – Agreeable Gray and Loyal Blue. 😘

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