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Five on Friday and This Week in Review #34

It’s Friday.  And you know what that means!!!

I love reading all types of blogs ranging from home decor, beauty, and fashion.  One of the things I love about specific ones is when they share some of their personal “stuff.”  I started this series way back when because I wanted all of you to get to know us better.  Each Friday, Deb and I take turns sharing five facts about ourselves and then I follow it up with a week in review.  Deb is up!

Five on Friday

  1.  Tools
  2.  Tennis Shoes
  3.  T-Shirts
  4.  Television
  5.  Toilet Paper

What the hell?  🤣😂🤣  I was in the middle of something and told her I needed her five things.  This is the list she gave me.  She said she felt like “T” today.   I’m dying.  🤣  I do know that she LOVES numbers 1-4, and number 5… she’s got a phobia of running out of.  🤣


This Week in Review

I’ve been busy over here in bloggy land.  I wanted to make certain that all of my bases were covered for the start of the new year.  Just in case you didn’t know…it’s all about “The Detox.”  On January 1, we started detoxing our diet with The Whole 30 Plan.  I shared with you what my intentions are after we are done with the 30 days.

And on a side note.  I know a lot of you are following along and doing it yourselves.  I’m going to post for the next 3 Mondays my thoughts, feelings, and any issues that came up during the 30 days.  So, if you want to start today, you can buy The Whole 30 Guide here.

The Whole 30 - Detox from Junk Food - House on Winchester

I shared 15 ways on how I plan to detox and declutter my mind this year.  You know… introverts like me need help with these sorts of things.  I heard from a lot of you saying you know someone who watches something really boring on television to fall asleep.  It works.  Try it!

Do your armpits smell like a hog barn like mine used to? 🐖  It’s bad.  I did some research, tried the method and it actually worked.  I shared with you my tried and true way to stop those pits from stinkin’.  You NEED to detox those smelly things.  🤣

The Best Natural Deodorant - House on Winchester

I researched the benefits of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and added that to my daily routine.  I shared some things I am experiencing in the Whole 30 post above and it is supposed help with most of those.  Let’s just say I’m “experimenting.”  I will keep you posted.  I’m hoping that it helps with my FREAKING non-stop post nasal drippage.  🤧

The Benefits of Drinking Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - House on Winchester

And that’s it.   You’re probably saying, “That’s enough, old lady.  We’re over The Detox.” 🤣


Coming Up

I have some fun things planned for you next week.  First off, I will be sharing on Monday my feelings about the Whole 30 plan.  😁 Secondly, I’m hoping to post a little tute on how we made that big ANTIQUES sign above our door in the dining room for under $20.  And thirdly, my Whole 30 approved coffee creamer came.  I’m going to use it over the next several days and then do a review post on that, so I will keep you posted.

As always, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for stopping by the blog.  I appreciate it so much.  Chat with me in the comments, on Facebook, or Instagram.  I love hearing from you guys!  I pledge all of my love.  ❤️


Buh bye now!




7 thoughts on “Five on Friday and This Week in Review #34

  1. Kim Bird

    No idea how I found your page but dear Goddess I’m so very grateful 🤣 however may need to invest in Depends!

    1. Danelle Harvey Post author

      😂 I’m glad you are here then. Are you on Instagram? That’s even a bigger shit show. 🤣

  2. Sarah Dodson

    So glad your sharing the journey at your house with Whole 30… I was late to the start of the year we had 2 parties so I waited I’m on day 3… headache from hell, not hungry… I can see how this will get boring… plus I’d really like some cheese 🙄

    1. Danelle Harvey Post author

      Oh my gosh… I want anything that’s going to make me feel better than a vegetable.

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