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My Fall Decor – Shop to Get the Look

You all know how much I love Fall.

I mean, over the last several weeks, I’ve said it several times, either here, on Facebook, or on Instagram.  I love rockin’ the sweatshirt and shorts thing, the cooler air and the gorgeous colors on the trees this time of year.  I, also, love pulling the overgrown straggly flowers and plants from our gardens and preparing for cold weather.  I do NOT like, however, what comes after Fall, but we won’t talk about that yet, now will we?


Do you guys love to see how other people interpret their own spaces with decor?    I do.

I follow lots of home decor folks on social media.  I don’t have to see WHO posted the picture, but know whose house it is by their “style” of decorating.  I can just tell.  Everyone has their own “look” with furniture, lighting, and decor.

Some people can just poop up spaces pretty easy and don’t stress too much about it.  Others admittedly have a very hard time figuring it all out – like what to buy and where to display it all.  I have family members who call and say, “OK…come over here right now and help me get these decorations up before I throw all of this out the window.”

The art of laying out and styling a room comes very easy to me.  I didn’t go to school for interior design, but it is something I have learned by trial and error throughout the years.  150 years ago, there was no such thing as Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram for inspiration.  So I had to do it the old fashioned way.  I had subscriptions to every home decor magazine available and kept each of those magazines for years.  Those are the things I would run to every time I needed inspiration from somewhere other than my own brain.


Some of you may be thinking, “Listen, old lady, you aren’t anything special and I can do exactly what you do.”   I agree.  I’m no more special than you are.  But I’ve learned a lot over the years in terms of design and style and like to help my little strugglers.   Mmmmmkay?  😄


Basic Pieces you can keep until the end of time.

A few months ago, I added these two chippy green cabinet doors along side of this arched window in our dining room.  It will probably stay this way for a few months because when I start tearing up displays such as this, things can get real messy.  Deb made the comment a few days ago that she feels one of my “episodes” coming on…and she’s “not excited about it either.”  😂  I tend to rip apart the entire house about twice a year and move shit from one floor to the next.  It’s not pretty.  She loves it once it’s done but HATES, with a passion, the entire process.

I know lots of folks like me.  I, also know lots of people who once they find a spot for a bigger piece or furniture or wall art, it stays in that very spot for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer.   You know who you are.  😄

So I’m here to help.  😉

I wanted to give you options for the bigger pieces I have, so that you can have the best of both worlds.  You can leave the big pieces until the end of time, but change out your smalls with each season.  Although most of my decor is vintage, you can throw together a pretty awesome display with new items that look vintage.   So let’s start with the bigger pieces that can be left in the same spot for years to come.


Shop for the New Items that Look Old

This white chippy arched mirror is so similar to my vintage window and would make a great “base” for seasonal decor.  This would look fabulous with a Fall wreath hanging down the middle attached with a burlap bow, too, if you wanted to go the more simple route.


White distressed mirror direct Amazon link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.

Because I don’t think I have ONE particular “style,” I like to throw lots of different styles together:  farmhouse, cottage, country, and rustic.  I found these rustic shutters that would give a totally different look hanging beside the above mirror.

Rustic shutter with direct link to amazon to shop my look at House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.


The above are a few alternatives to give you a great “base” that you can keep until the end of time.  😉


My Fall Decor – Shop to Get the Look

I recently started pooping up this area in the dining room with Fall decor.  I filled my grandma’s antique picnic basket with a bunch of my DIY Dollar Tree pumpkins and added some green apples to an ironstone bowl.   I threw a bunch of green stems in my white ironstone picture and called it a day.  What says Fall more than those things?

Vintage picnic basket with white pumpkins and greenery - House on Winchester


Here are some great alternatives with Amazon links that I have used in my every day and seasonal decor.  This short little basket would look pretty darn cute loaded up with faux pumpkins.


Basket to hold pumpkins in Fall decor - direct Amazon link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.


I’m a big fan of faux pumpkins because of the obvious reasons.  They will last forever.  If you decide you want blue pumpkins in your decor next year, you can just throw a coat of paint on them for an easy change.


Faux white pumpkins for Fall display - direct link to Amazon - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.










And these are the exact greens I found on Amazon.  I love them.  They can be tucked in anywhere.

Eucalyptus greenery in Fall decor - Amazon Link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.







Vintage Treasures with Alternatives

I’ve had sewing machine drawers in my stash and the little blue frame  is actually an antique pool cue holder that someone was throwing out.  I thought the chippy paint on it was too cute to waste.  The four sewing drawers fit perfectly width-wise, but the wifey cut them down in length.

And, I hung a small wreath around a night-light that she made from an old table leg.  Wow…she’s Mrs. Handy, huh?



I found a great alternative to the above little cubby that would not only look cute but would be great for storage, too.  And since the night-light is one of a kind, I think this candlestick with a taller candle would work perfect.



Cute little drawer cubby for storage - Direct Amazon Link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.

Amazon link to candle holder in Fall decor - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.

Direct link to candles through Amazon - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.

Small wreath for around a candle - direct link to Amazon - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.











Apples for Fall Decor Amazon Link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.

White bowl in Fall decor - Amazon Link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.



White bird in Fall decor Amazon Link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.


More Vintagy Options to Get the Same Look

I filled this vintage water pitcher and bowl with a few sprigs of greenery stems with pods and pulled a vintage candle holder in the grouping.

Vintage pitcher and bowl with stems for Fall - House on Winchester

Here are some of the alternatives that I found to duplicate the look above.

Direct link to amazon for white pitcher in Fall decor - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.

Amazon link to eucalyptus greenery branch - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.

Black candle holder in Fall decor - Amazon Link - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop

Direct link to candles in Fall Decor - House on Winchester

Click picture to shop.


If you are like me, you get inspiration from others. I hope I inspired you to do some of your own Fall decorating and gave you some different ideas to incorporate what you have in your own mind.


Have you started decorating for Fall?

I love hearing from you so let me know in the comment section.


Thanks so much for stopping by.  I pledge my love to you all


Buh bye now,










9 thoughts on “My Fall Decor – Shop to Get the Look

  1. Marijke

    Great ideas that mirror and doors background!!! I’m also older…. with lots of ideas to much for my house only… lol and have more blogs then one…. but I always love your new inspiration! Keep up the good work!
    groetjes van Marijke

  2. Lori Wheet

    What a wonderful post, thank you! Not only did you share your your lovely decor ideas in your own home but how to replicate your style. This is my favorite blog and follow on Instagram. Your sense of humor and amazing sense of style have me always looking to see what’s next from you. What you and your wife have accomplished in that home is fabulous.

  3. Pat

    I’m older too ~ and always appreciate new ideas! 🙂 I love seeing what you two do to this gorgeous home. I’m going to be moving the end of this month…from a 2nd level apt to a 1st level. The stairs are a challenge with my back issues. Anyway, ya’ll could come to Texas and decorate for me. 🙂

  4. Kim

    OK I may have to ban your blog from my reading and YES I’m behind – I LOVE THIS POST – BUT I could easily go broke – BUT I do have some good stash hiding away in the attic – garage and shed so off to Decatur it comes:) – Thanks you for your ideas they are great and you are 100% correct NOT everyone has this ability – I Stress out terribly when trying to put things together


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