My Pantry Door and The Grocery Fairy was a No-Show



Well…the grocery fairy no-showed again last night leaving me to the dreaded task.

What is it about spending $1.5 million at the grocery store for it all either to be eaten, thrown away, or flushed down the toilet a few days later that isn’t so thrilling?  😂

Exterior door as pantry door - House on Winchester


I normally try to stay away from the big chain store that starts with a “W” but I needed a new watch battery and I wanted to combine everything in one trip.

My Pantry Door - House on Winchester


Definition of Run-Walk:   Walking really fast while being out of shape, so it feels like you are running.

Since I don’t like being there, whatsoever, I wanted to get the job done quickly.  I ran-walked into the store and went directly to the service desk, where I stood in line behind a few others to ask for help at the watch battery department:

Lady:  “Sure…I will send someone over right now.”

I, of course, ran-walked to the batteries and waited.

And waited….

And waited…

Ten minutes later, I ran-walked back to the service counter, stood behind 3 more people to hear….

Lady:  “I will page someone over head now.”

I ran-walked back over there, to stand another several minutes to have the watch battery smoothly changed in about ten seconds flat after battery-girl showed up.

Finally admitting to myself that there is no such thing as a grocery fairy,  I ran-walked the entire store, and finally made it to check out.   Exhausted and unloading my cart, one of my items, thankfully wrapped in a plastic container, slipped from my hands and rolled…… somewhere.   I looked everywhere for that thing.  I looked all around my cashier’s feet, all around the cashier beside her, even in the front where the twirly-gig bag holder is located.

Check-out girl said, “I bet it went under there” and pointed to the candy rack between the two registers.  Her face looked like this.  😐

I looked “under there” and sure enough.  Clear back to the back of the candy rack, underneath another register conveyor belt was my item.  Along with someone else’s shriveled up mango.   😷👎🏼

The “I-will-page-someone-over-head-now” lady heard what was going on and brought me a janky-ass broom stick to swoosh out my item.  Now, I had two choices.  I could either do that….or run-walk half way through the store and get a different one.  I chose the janky-ass broom stick.  😦

Pantry Door at the House on Winchester



There are two positives in this whole experience:

I didn’t hand-pick that ONE loud wobbly-wheeled cart.

And….. My Pantry is now FULL!      😀   Yay!!!

Kitchen with Pantry Door at House on Winchester


Some day soon, I will do a whole post on the kitchen.     FYI:  We found our pantry door at a garage sale last summer.   Isn’t it just grand?    It’s my fave!  😉

Update:  I got home, jumped online, and noticed a friend’s Facebook status….

***No offense Dr Gyno, but if your computers are down, I’d seriously rather spend the extra 35 minutes clothed in the waiting room…change that to 45 #freezinginagown #hurryup

That made me laugh pretty hard!!!!  We’ve all been there.


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And, I pledge my love to you all!  ♥

Buh Bye now!



4 thoughts on “My Pantry Door and The Grocery Fairy was a No-Show

  1. Kim

    Well another positive is that the W Staff actually brought you a Janky Broom stick cause our W staff would have just looked at you and kept right on doing what they were doing 🙂

  2. Joanne Taggart

    Love the pantry door. It has been my desire to have one like it for a long time. It’s just awesome. And speaking of awesome, the definition of run-walk is spot on! OMG – LOL!


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