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How to Apply Eye Make-up and What Products I Use

I’m assuming the title of this blog post confused you.   My friends over on Instagram asked me to show them how I apply my eye make-up.  I know, I know… you guys may be thinking, “Listen, old lady, you know nothing about applying eye make-up so stop acting like you’re a cosmetologist.”   And lots of you are probably saying, “How the hell do they know what her eye make-up looks like.  I’ve never even seen her.”   And some of you may be saying, “I really don’t give a shit about eye make-up.  This is dumb.”

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The Whole 30 – The Completion

Here I am writing about The Whole 30 – The Completion.  Can you believe it?  😄  Do you think we made it?  I’m currently typing so I for sure didn’t perish over the last 30 days.  Some of the questions I’ve received over the last month will finally be answered:  How did you do?  Was it hard to follow?   What will you take away from the Whole 30?  Would you do it again?  Did you lose any weight?   Did either of you commit homicide?  🔪  Well, I’m here for the last check-in of the Whole 30.   😁   Read why we picked the Whole 30 plan as a detox from junk food, update 1, update 2, and update 3 if you haven’t already.

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The Best Power tools every girl needs - House on Winchester

Best Power Tools Every Girl Needs

Deb is “sort of” taking over the blog today!!!!   🤗 Today’s post is featuring “Deb’s” picks of the best power tools (and a few non-power tools) that every girl needs.  I asked her to make a list of tried and true tools, besides a hammer and screwdriver, that will work for home improvement projects and crafts alike.   She, herself, gravitates toward DeWalt brand, only because they are heavy duty and are used for her heavy duty projects.  I asked her to keep everything at a good price point and to pick tools that would be good for medium use.

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Five on Friday and This week in Review - House on Winchester

Five on Friday and This Week in Review #37

Guess what time it is, boys and girls.  It’s time for another Five on Friday and This Week in Review post.  Do these weeks fly by?  I can’t figure out how the weeks fly by, but the evenings go so slow…especially when you are following the Whole 30.  There is no wine, no cheese, no sugar.  Basically all of the delicious things one could catch a buzz on are gone.  😉

Deb and I take turns every Friday sharing five facts about ourselves.  I started this five on friday gig way back when and have just kept it going.  There is a special tab dedicated to this series at the top of the blog if you want to play catch up.  We will follow with this week in review.  I’m up this week. Continue reading

How to make a simple artificial flower arrangement - House on Winchester

How to Make a Simple Artificial Flower Arrangement

Making a perfect flower arrangement can feel pretty overwhelming.  Where do I start?  How do I know where to place the flowers so my flower arrangement looks cohesive.  What container do I use?  Well, I have a few little tricks that I follow.  So, I thought I should let you guys know of a simple way to accomplish this, because it is way easier than you think.

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