Five on Friday and This Week in Review #21

What a week it’s been!

For all of you little newbie followers, I love so many different types of blogs, from homesteading, delicious recipes, frugality, and of course, home decorating.   I also enjoy reading fun facts about the blogger behind their blogs.  It paints a picture of a real person behind their words.  Therefore, every Friday, Deb and I take turns posting a “Five on Friday and This Week in Review” series. We share five facts about ourselves, and then I will finish with our week in review.

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Kitchen Beginnings

Looking back through old pictures of this house makes me realize two things:


One being, this house was so sad when we first bought it.   The energy that the entire structure exuded was that of depression, disease, and desperation.  The air was heavy. (Not to mention, stinky.  😷)

And second…. we’ve sure done a lot of work….A LOT!  😕  And my aching back verifies this fact.

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10 Fall Pillow Covers from Amazon

I was scouring around Amazon for a few things that I truly need 😕 and some cute Fall decorations popped up.  And, it’s getting me in the mood.  So I thought I would share 10 Fall Pillow Covers that I found.

Beginnings of Fall

I’m not a fond lover of that season that comes after Fall.  And, “not a fond lover” is an under statement.  I don’t even like to say the “W” word for fear it may start snowing in August.   Those of you who are from Indiana know exactly what I’m talking about. Continue reading

Mock Barbecue Beef Sandwich Recipe

Do you like how I made the feature picture black and white so you wouldn’t see the bright orange carrots and say, “Um…….I don’t think so.”

Yes…you read the description and first sentence correctly.  It’s a mock barbecue beef sandwich recipe using roasted carrots.  If you want something low in calories that is delicious, keep reading.

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Five on Friday and This Week in Review #20

GUESS WHOSE TURN IT IS for today’s Five on Friday…


I love it when Deb shares with you.  She’s a bit shy about it.

In my personal opinion, I think it’s that she just thinks she has nothing exciting to share.  BUT, she really is exciting!!!!!!  😬

She’s the BEST kind of exciting there is, because she doesn’t KNOW she’s exciting…which makes her MORE exciting.

You know what I mean?

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