Simply Cottage Christmas decor - House on Winchester

Simple Winter / Christmas Decor in the Family Room

This past weekend was our small town’s Historic Christmas Walk and the House on Winchester was in it!  We are JUST recovering!  😜

Think about what your house looks like when you pull out all of your Christmas decor.  Add THAT to the fact that we always have a project going on.   Add THAT and THAT, to the fact that we have completed every project that we’ve had on our list over the last 69 years… in 3 days.  We are the type of people who go absolutely cray right before a big event.  I’m NOT even kidding.  We are nuts.  So…. this post comes a little later than what I had intended.

Simple Winter / Christmas Decor in the Family Room

Every year, I decorate for this season believing that my “Christmas/Winter decor” will be displayed through January.  Therefore, I decorate very simple when it comes to Christmas.  In fact, I usually refer to my “Christmas decorating” as “Winter decorating” because I use only greens.  I use simple evergreen wreaths and trees with white lights.  To some it may be boring, but I get stressed out with lots of color.   Maybe it’s because our house is “pooped up” with lots of collections so I don’t like to busy it up even more.  🤔

Family Room Simply Christmas decor - House on Winchester



If you follow me over on Facebook or Instagram, you already know that I purchased two $30 flocked trees at Walmart this year.   Both of those trees ended up in our family room with white lights.  I think they are so pretty and simple without ornaments.

We have two matching stained glass windows on each side of the fireplace, so why not throw a tree in front of each one.  It does kind of look pretty from the outside.  I’ve never had two trees in the family room before and I’m loving it this year.  Especially because Deb put them both on remote controls.  😉

Simple Christmas decorating with greens - House on Winchester

I swear the older I get the more I don’t want to move.  😂 Funny…that sparked a memory.  When I was a little girl, my grandma (older than many grandmas) said, “I can’t get down on the floor anymore.”  I remember trying to wrap my head around WHY she couldn’t get down on the floor.  And, I remember saying, “Just bend your legs and get down on the floor.”  Now I get it.  It gets harder and harder to get back, up.  😕



My previously gray fireplace mantel got a fresh coat of paint and is now white and heavily distressed (if you didn’t notice.)  🙃  That was one of those projects on the list from 69 years ago.  I tossed a few faux greens on top for the season.  Since the Christmas walk, I made this cute little cream colored pompom garland and attached it to the mantel.


I like to add some faux evergreens here and there to make it look a little more wintery.  I added a sprig in each of my vintage water jugs.

Simple greenery in Family Room - House on Winchester




On the list of to-dos was to get new pillow covers for the winter.  Well, that didn’t happen.  So I am still using my white fluffy pillows that remind me of snow which goes perfectly with the season, I guess.

Decorating with simply greens in family room - House on Winchester

So what do you think?  Boring?  It’s OK if you think it is…it’s about all my soul can handle this year.  🤣  Stop by Facebook and Instagram to chat!


Thanks so much for stopping by.  I pledge my love to each and every one of you.


Buh bye now, said in an old lady’s voice who saw every hour on the clock last night. 😡  What a night!






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  1. Liz

    Your green chairs are just lovely and the ottoman 😍! I have a sofa in a similar fabric as the chairs and so comfy. Love your style!


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