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Kitchen Progress and Pantry Plans

Beware:  The following is a picture happy post… with not so happy “before” pictures.  😉


I shared with you the before pictures of the kitchen, but this room was so much work that I needed to break it up in two different “before” posts.

What did you think? Could you smell it through your computer screen?  😷

Trust me, you’re lucky.   A person could smell the stench of this house from the yard.   Continue reading

Kitchen Beginnings

Looking back through old pictures of this house makes me realize two things:


One being, this house was so sad when we first bought it.   The energy that the entire structure exuded was that of depression, disease, and desperation.  The air was heavy. (Not to mention, stinky.  😷)

And second…. we’ve sure done a lot of work….A LOT!  😕  And my aching back verifies this fact.

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Still Recovering: Before and After Pictures


I’m still recovering from my surgery on my leg. 😜 The doctor re-iterated several times to me that the shin is one of the hardest places to heal, with it being so far away from one’s heart.  Her words were, “Swelling on the shin is NOT our friend.”  And, the fact that there is a gash a few inches long and no “meat” on my shin is another reason why I need to take it easy.  It could easily tear open.  That means I have to lay here with two giant thumbs down. Continue reading

Project Pergola – The Beginning Stage

Seriously, you guys.  I’m dying!  😜

If there was an emoji of a 150 year old rickety woman in a bed all wrapped up in bandages and in traction, I would certainly use that one.  We started our pergola yesterday.  You are probably just as excited as we are for the pure fact I’ve been talking about it since 1984.

Disclaimer:  This is, by no means, a tutorial on building a pergola, but I just wanted you to be able to experience Project Pergola right along with me.  😜  I think you will appreciate it. Continue reading