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How to Make New Wood Look Old using Paint and Stain

Trying to get new wood to look old sometimes feels overwhelming.  Theres nothing like original patina when it comes to both painted and stained projects.  But I have a really easy way of accomplishing this task.  I mean….REALLY easy. 😄

We recently repurposed an old gun rack into a little cubby.  I told all about how we did it in a previous post.  Deb did her thing and added some new wood to the project along with the old and, obviously, I wanted it to all look uniform in color. Continue reading

Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkins

OK… I’m not going to pretend I didn’t copy this most awesome idea from my Instagram friend, Natalie, at My Vintage Porch, because I did.  I just couldn’t help myself.  She has the most beautiful house with the thriftiest ideas ever.  If you don’t follow her, you must.  (There I go, bossing you around, again.)

And, if you want to be a DIY copy cat, too, run to the nearest Dollar Tree and grab yourself some of these horrid neon colored styrofoam pumpkins to transform. Continue reading

A Cute Little Tute for Hand Stenciled Signs

So… Deb had to take care of some family binnesssssss this weekend….

which left me home alone.  Um…… DANGER ZONE.  😳

I started thinking of projects, of course.


Hand Stenciled Signs

We have this big mirror behind our couch in our family room and I conjured up this idea that some type of a stenciled sign would look pretty awesome above that mirror.  And I wanted it done on the FREE.  And since we have a pile of white chippy barn siding in the garage, what better to make a sign with?

Continue reading

Installation Day of the Porch Railing

Hello, my Beloveds  (Oh my word, that doesn’t work either.)

It’s time to RE-LIVE…..installation day of the porch railing.

Oh, how exciting!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE lists.  I love seeing the tasks that I need to accomplish before me, as it stops my mind from swirling.  And, I love checking items off of my lists, because I get a sense of accomplishment when they are complete.  The wifey HATES lists with a passion, because her mind doesn’t swirl.  I don’t get it. Continue reading