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How to Decorate a Side Table - House on Winchester

How to Decorate a Side Table

I get asked a lot how I know how to display items in my decor.  🤷🏼‍♀️ My response is always, “I don’t know.”  But, Deb has pointed out that not everyone knows HOW or WHERE to display their favorite pieces of “junk”.  So, I figured maybe if I started writing a post on this subject, I could come up with a few pointers that I use.  Which, in turn, would be a better answer than the above.  😂 Here is how I decorate a side table.

First Things First

I’m no expert, whatsoever.  And, you all know what’s coming next… Don’t call the you-didn’t-go-to-school-for-this police on me. 👮🏼‍♀️  Because, I’m not claiming that I did.  I did not go to school for interior design.  Quite frankly, I didn’t go to school for anything after high school except to be a secretary.  Yes… people who are 152 years old (I’ve been lying this whole time) really did that back then.  😂  And we took shorthand and actually typed on typewriters.  But that’s beside the point. Continue reading

How to pick out the perfect paint color - House on Winchester

How to Pick Out the Perfect Paint Color

How many times have you finished painting a room, and the color wasn’t at all what you had in mind?  You really wanted a gray wall and it ended up being blue.   You were going for a nice neutral beige, but somehow it has a green cast.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I use when picking out the perfect paint color.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Paint Color

Every color has a predominant undertone.   As you know, there are many, many different shades of white when you look at a wall full of samples.  And, each of those whites have a predominant color.  Some whites look pink.  Some whites look blue.  It’s easy for some people to see those undertones and, for others, it’s pretty difficult.  I have a trick for those of you who can’t see the undertones. Continue reading

How to Make New Wood Look Old using Paint and Stain

Trying to get new wood to look old sometimes feels overwhelming.  Theres nothing like original patina when it comes to both painted and stained projects.  But I have a really easy way of accomplishing this task.  I mean….REALLY easy. 😄

We recently repurposed an old gun rack into a little cubby.  I told all about how we did it in a previous post.  Deb did her thing and added some new wood to the project along with the old and, obviously, I wanted it to all look uniform in color. Continue reading

Installation Day of the Porch Railing

Hello, my Beloveds  (Oh my word, that doesn’t work either.)

It’s time to RE-LIVE…..installation day of the porch railing.

Oh, how exciting!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE lists.  I love seeing the tasks that I need to accomplish before me, as it stops my mind from swirling.  And, I love checking items off of my lists, because I get a sense of accomplishment when they are complete.  The wifey HATES lists with a passion, because her mind doesn’t swirl.  I don’t get it. Continue reading