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Simply Cottage Christmas decor - House on Winchester

Simple Winter / Christmas Decor in the Family Room

This past weekend was our small town’s Historic Christmas Walk and the House on Winchester was in it!  We are JUST recovering!  😜

Think about what your house looks like when you pull out all of your Christmas decor.  Add THAT to the fact that we always have a project going on.   Add THAT and THAT, to the fact that we have completed every project that we’ve had on our list over the last 69 years… in 3 days.  We are the type of people who go absolutely cray right before a big event.  I’m NOT even kidding.  We are nuts.  So…. this post comes a little later than what I had intended.

Simple Winter / Christmas Decor in the Family Room

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Five on Friday and This Week in Review #11




I swear, Friday rolls around faster every week.  Sometimes I have to really think what in the heck we’ve done all week because I can never believe it’s Friday again.  I remember last weekend for sure. We helped my daughter and her guy put up a privacy fence.  Two old ladies with a post hole digger take a little longer to recover than we used to.  That’s probably the reason I’ve been so exhausted this week. Continue reading

The Family Room Reveal

Guess what today is!


The Family Room Reveal!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. 😂   Thank God you weren’t holding your breath, or you would have turned blue by now!

It took me FOREVER to get any half-way decent pictures of the family room.  Let me refresh your memory.  This room is roughly 28′ x 15′ and has 6 large windows.  I don’t ever complain about sunny days but I am going to use that as my excuse.  I may also blame the fact that it was dusty and dirty.  I just picked up a giant dust bunny on our stairway so it’s past time for the cleaning lady to come.   The cleaning lady is the same person as the grocery fairy, and she’s been extremely busy these last couple of weeks.  😉   I may actually video this space and share it on Instagram because it’s easier to see the layout.  I will keep you posted though. Continue reading