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Christmas Garland on the Stairway Landing

Every year, my little hometown has a Historical Society Christmas Open House and Home Tour.  This year, the House on Winchester will be a part of it, along with a few others!   😁  If you have been following me from the very beginning, you already know our home was built in 1945 by an attorney.  According to the locals, this was THE HOUSE of the time.  Along with being an attorney, I hear the couple liked to entertain. 😄 Continue reading

Still Recovering: Before and After Pictures


I’m still recovering from my surgery on my leg. 😜 The doctor re-iterated several times to me that the shin is one of the hardest places to heal, with it being so far away from one’s heart.  Her words were, “Swelling on the shin is NOT our friend.”  And, the fact that there is a gash a few inches long and no “meat” on my shin is another reason why I need to take it easy.  It could easily tear open.  That means I have to lay here with two giant thumbs down. Continue reading

Five on Friday and This Week in Review #9

Guess what today is….

It’s Five on Friday!  This week has zoomed by.  But, truly, don’t they all?

For some reason today seems like Saturday to me.  The wifey doesn’t have to work today at her part-time gig, so maybe that’s why.  She is running a few errands but said we are going to fire up the barbecue when she gets home, which makes me soooooooo happy!    Just a little FYI.  We make a big production out of grilling.  We not only cook the full meal deal, but we make appetizers too. 😁  And, who doesn’t grill without drinking a beer or two?  I mean seriously, they go hand in hand. Continue reading

New Table on The Stairway Landing and Why I Paint Everything White

OK, literally, you guys.

I’m hanging in my office/craft room editing pictures and doing a few projects while Deb is at her part-time gig.  I am sitting in an antique wooden office chair on wheels and have it pulled up to my desk.  I must have leaned a little too far to the left, the chair rolled out from under me, and I landed on the floor.   Who else can be so engrossed in their projects that they just fall right out of their chair?  Wow!  The wifey would have been so impressed had she been home!  😂  That takes talent, people.

Continue reading

Five on Friday and This Week in Review #2

Well, just like our true fashion, we are doing a Five on Friday and This Week in Review – on Saturday.

I love reading many different types of blogs, from homesteading, delicious recipes, frugality, and of course, home decorating.  But I also enjoy reading fun facts about the blogger behind the blog, because it puts a real live person behind their words.  Therefore, I am starting a “Five on Friday” series and will share five interesting facts about the both of us, and, then we will have our week in review. Continue reading