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How to Make New Wood Look Old using Paint and Stain

Trying to get new wood to look old sometimes feels overwhelming.  Theres nothing like original patina when it comes to both painted and stained projects.  But I have a really easy way of accomplishing this task.  I mean….REALLY easy. 😄

We recently repurposed an old gun rack into a little cubby.  I told all about how we did it in a previous post.  Deb did her thing and added some new wood to the project along with the old and, obviously, I wanted it to all look uniform in color. Continue reading

How to Read Our Blog – Take the Blog Tour

I know, I know… you guys are probably thinking, “Listen, old lady… everyone knows how to read a blog and you don’t have to tell me.”  And your faces look like this.


Please don’t send the OM-MY-GOSH-YOU-ARE-SO-BORING POLICE after me either.  👮🏼

Blogs are a little confusing to read, so I really do have to tell some people, mmmmmmkay.   😉  I’ve heard lots of people say many, many times that once they get to the page, they don’t know where to go or how to find certain things that they’ve seen before. Continue reading