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WELCOME to the House on Winchester

Hi, I’m Danelle.  I’m married to Deb, my bestie of more than 89 years.  OK, really it’s been around 18 years but who’s counting.  I’m a DIY-er, a self taught decorator/RE-decorator, and pretty much crazy obsessed with all things home related.   My wifey and I buy and sell houses, flip furniture, and repurpose some pretty fabulous things out of people’s cast-offs, aka trash.     Sooooooo, welcome to my first post!

While I’m more than likely in the house creating something crafty in my office, which my wifey calls my “Arts and Crafts Room: K-12”,  you will find her in her small back yard workshop whipping up something fab.   I swear, she can whittle a chair out of a used toothpick.

Why in the heck am I starting a blog?

Well, we recently bought ourselves a 1945 colonial style home that was in complete disrepair and are in the midst of remodeling the entire thing from top to bottom, tackling most of the work ourselves.  OK, we tackle everything within reason.  You won’t see us on the roof of a 2 story colonial home during a raging snow storm laying shingles.   Ya…that may have been our crew we hired!

Our motto:   “Try something yourself first, if you fail, then call the professional.”  Now, to keep to this  motto within reason, we tackle nothing that may cause major damage to something that could potentially cost us $1.5 million dollars in the end.  Installing a privacy fence years ago was our very first MAJOR home improvement project   How hard could it be?  I mean, we researched the internet, watched videos, and asked the guy in at Menards.

Two girls enter Menards

Same two girls walking toward an associate in the building supplies department

Associate:  “Hey ladies, what did your husbands send you in for today?”

Cut to installation day.

Two so-called “ladies” with a gas-powered post hole digger in hands on a fairly busy street causes a stir in this small town.  Yep, folks driving by would physically stop their cars in front of our house and stare in disbelief.  Neighbors stopped what they were doing, “Ladies, ladies, what in the world are you trying to do?”

Well, we made it through that project with flying colors and that first MAJOR home improvement project gave us the confidence to tackle hundreds more since then.  We want YOU to know that you, too, can do anything!

Check out our ABOUT US page for a few more details.


A Little Ditty about our home and what you will find here at the House on Winchester!

house after
We are here to document our journey of remodeling every square inch of this home, repurposing antique furniture into bathroom vanities,

Bath after

reusing old chippy porch railings as a stairway banister,Porch railing repurposed stairway banister

and incorporating a chippy porch column in our entryway,

Entryway chippy porch column

in addition to giving YOU some fabulous repurposing and DIY ideas.  Because, quite frankly,  who doesn’t like a good project?

Trust me, you won’t believe what we started with in this dutch colonial turned farmhouse-cottage-flea-market-garage-sale-junk house!

THEREFORE…you will want to stay tuned!

BUH BYE NOW – Said in a loud high-pitched old lady’s voice, because how else could you say BUH BYE NOW?


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  1. Lisa

    Wow! just Wow!!! Your homes is beyond Gorgeous! I love everything about it! You 2 ladies certainly know what your doing. 🙂


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