What’s in My Cart #3

I love Amazon.

I can shop for regular every day items and get them within a couple of days and, I don’t have to fight the traffic or see people.  😐  It allows me to fake shop, for whatever, and however long my little heart desires.

I had an order to place so I thought I would give you a glimpse of what’s in my cart for fake…… and for reals!

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker


Direct link to Altec bluetooth speaker - House on Winchester

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Ok, you guys.  Seriously.

You know how much I love my music.

If you saw my Instagram story this past weekend when Deb finally made her appearance, we were listening to this speaker that was linked to my phone.  One of our daughters let us borrow it to see if it is something we want to purchase.  Um…………… YES!

If you want a portable speaker that you can take with you to your patio or garage to rock out, this is perfect.   Oh…and don’t forget it when you go to the pool or beach, because it’s waterproof.   It hooks up wirelessly through your phone and will play Pandora or Spotify on spot.  And the quality of sound is excellent!


Finger Grip and Stand for my Phone


Direct Link to Amazon phone loop - House on Winchester

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I already have a good quality phone cover, but wished I would have gotten one with a loop on the back.  The loops help you hold them upright and prevents droppage.  😕  Not to mention, it will be way easier while I’m surfing Facebook and Instagram while I am in the horizontal position at 4am when I’m NOT sleeping.  I will keep you posted on what I think about this little gem.



Metal Galvanized Canister Sets

Direct Amazon link to metal canisters perfect for the bathroom - House on Winchester

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How cute are these?  They are small enough to use in your bathroom for q-tips, cotton balls, etc, and still give you all of the farmhouse feels.  They would be perfect for organizing a sewing or craft room, too.




Lap Desk

Direct link to Amazon of laptop desk - House on Winchester

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I bought this little lap desk about a year ago and cannot imagine my life without it.  I used to use a pillow for my laptop when I multi-tasked between surfing the net and watching Real Housewives of Orange County, or one of the other trash tv shows that I watch.  😁  It’s perfect support for your computer or iPad and has cushions on the bottom for your lap comfort.



Long Sleeve Lace T-Shirt

I found another fanny-friendly shirt and I love it!    Cover those saggy fannies, folks!  😂

How cute is this?  It not only covers the 150 year-old fanny, but it appears to camouflage the mid-section, too, if you know what I’m saying.  😐  And, I can see wearing this for a dressy occasion or keeping it casual with the ripped jean thing.


Let me know in the comments if you have purchased any of these things and what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.  I pledge my love to you all!


Buh bye now.












4 thoughts on “What’s in My Cart #3

    1. Danelle Harvey Post author

      hahaha I’m assuming you ordered the phone finger grip. Insomnia does stink…and I am always awake at 4am. EVERY NIGHT!

  1. Angela Simon

    Last Christmas I bought Bluetooth waterproof speakers for my daughters and a young family friend who was staying with us. Those girls loved the speakers. They use them outside and even in the bathroom. Of course, I got them from Amazon. If you need something different to watch, try Game of Thrones. It’s raw. There’s violence and nudity. But the story line is like nothing else I’ve ever watched. My daughter made me watch it with her. Now we all watch.

    1. Danelle Harvey Post author

      I keep thinking I’m going to start that show, but haven’t committed. We cancel Netflix in the summer but always get it back in the winter, so that may be my new binge watch in a couple of months. 😄

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