Full Master Bedroom Reveal

If I had a dime for every room reveal I’ve shared with you, I would have 30 cents.  Can you believe this is number 4?

If you haven’t seen the sad and scary before pictures of the master bedroom, you need to.  Also, I shared in that post, what we did in this room as far as flooring, paint, etc.  I think you will appreciate what we did to get it up to our expectations.


Full Master Bedroom Reveal

Master bedroom reveal


Master bedroom reveal


Master bedroom reveal repurposed pocket door


I have to start off by saying that this room is HUGE.  I believe it is 15′ x 28′.   If any of you have tried to decorate a BIG, giant rectangle of a room, you know the difficulty.   LARGE rooms need lots of LARGE pieces of furniture.   And, we like our rooms FULL, therefore, we needed LOTS of LARGE pieces.

Repurposed Shutters

Remember the exterior shutters that were flapping in the breeze?  Well, they are now front and center in the master bedroom.  I just HAD to re-use them somewhere inside the house.

Master bedroom reveal


I created an antique mirror from an old window as part of our head board and thought the shutters would add the perfect amount of gaudiness.

Master bedroom reveal repurposed shutters for head board

I decorate some place between cottage style with a farmhouse flair, so I chose to go with a ruffled sheet set similar to these on Amazon.  I threw together a plain white quilt (like this one) and two king size ruffled pillow shams.


I’ve styled large areas many, many times and this room had me stumped.  It took me three months to complete.  Deb kept saying, “Just throw your junk around.  You can do it.”

Master bedroom reveal

Why is there a china cabinet and dining room table in the master bedroom?

Um……………..  Why not?

First off, I LOVE china cabinets.  We have approximately 148 of them all around the house.  Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but we have LOTS.  They are perfect to display pretty collections and you know I’m all about that.

Master bedroom reveal - china cabinet in bedroom


Master bedroom reveal - china cabinet in bedroom

The big round table was kicked out of our dining room to be replaced by a large farmhouse table.   It is actually a perfect place to sit and work from our lap tops.  I found these two wing back chairs at a garage sale and covered them with Sure Fit Slip Covers that I LOVE.  They wash up really well.

Master bedroom reveal - surefit slip covers

Master bedroom reveal


Deb tells people that I wake up in the middle of the night and play her some tunes on that little antique piano that’s on the table.  Isn’t that the cutest?  (The piano, not Deb’s explanation.)

Master bedroom reveal

This BEAST of a wall was my 3 month-long project.   We carried furniture up and down the steps 1.5 million times and nothing worked.    I can come up with some real humdinger ideas and the wifey just goes along with it.   I say, “Lets move that 500 pound cabinet up a flight of steps to the opposite side of the house to see that it’s not going to work and then we can bring it back down.”  😁


We ended up making this piece of furniture for our television.   I actually love it, as it fills up a giant spot on that beastly wall.

Master bedroom reveal - home made entertainment center


antique fireplace mantel


antique fireplace mantel, door knob collection

We will eventually install a fireplace insert in our antique mantel and a have a few other small projects in mind, but for the most part, this room is a wrap!

Master bedroom reveal


Let me know what you think of the master bedroom reveal in the comments below.  And, you can check us out on Facebook and Instagram where I usually share a few different pictures than what you see here.


Thanks so much for reading and sharing my blog.  I pledge my love!

Buh Bye, now….



12 thoughts on “Full Master Bedroom Reveal

  1. Kim

    Just Beautiful – every room you have reveled in your house and outside your house is stunning you guys are very talented

  2. Debbie

    I love everything in this room!! Nicely done… Soooo Beautiful!!!! 😍 I also love that antique piano and your massive collection of doorknobs. My collection is tiny compared to yours…😂 I always look forward to your posts.

  3. Janie Caudill

    Danelle what a talent you have and your collection of “stuff” must be massive. I hope you help other people decorate and get paid for it–don’t waste or give away your talent.

  4. Lisa Thrush

    As I expected, GORGEOUS!!! You two have such a talent. I love the way your able to something beautiful out of nothing…. Looking forward to seeing the other rooms, especially your living room) 😀


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